Working at CogBID Lab

Our extraordinary mission requires remarkable individuals.

In partnership with our world-leading industrial, clinical and academic collaborators, we provide cutting-edge training opportunities - usually underpinned by real-world data-driven problems of national and global importance - to passionate early-career researchers from diverse backgrounds, who want to be part of our multidisciplinary team. Mentoring is provided by an experienced Lab professors, postdoc or doctoral scientist, and the work placement can be based locally or virtually.


Internship/visiting research project deliverables are normally expected to be submission of (at least) one co-authored research paper to a leading high-impact journal (over a mutually-agreeable period). In addition, most research projects are expected to lead to development of a preliminary prototype/proof of concept, for continuing evaluation by appropriate end-users and stakeholders.

The sky is the limit for aspiring Lab internees and visiting researchers/RAs/postdocs

Satisfactory progress on initial research projects can lead to a range of career development opportunities, including progression to paid Research Assistantships, Doctoral and post-Doctoral research appointments on externally-funded projects. These can involve fully-funded research visits to the Lab's world-leading industrial and academic partners, including at eBay, UK NHS, MIT Media Lab, Oxford, or even as far afield as Microsoft Research Lab in Beijing, Tsinghua and Nanyang Technological University.

Research Internship Positions Available